Small Groups - Connect with others

Life is not meant to be lived alone or lonely. The Christian life, especially, is meant to be lived out in community. As such, one of our core values is that we journey with Christ in fellowship with friends. We have a robust small group ministry that starts with meeting pastors and transitions you slowly into a "Connect Group" that fits your lifestyle, location, schedule, and faith journey. This is meant to help you grow nearer to Christ as well as other people who attend our church.

  • Bible Study - Sun 8:30am

    Led by Ruth Ann Smith and open to all. Located in the parlor.

  • Young Adults - MON 5:30PM

    Join with other Christians your age to discuss the Bible, life, and so much more. Led by Pastor Amanda @ her home.

  • Prayer - Mon 6:30pm

    An open time of prayer for our friends, country, and world. Led by Juanita Briggs in the Parlor.

  • Grace - Tues 10am

    The senior ladies will continue to study "Grace" by Max Lucado. Facilitated by Ellen Dunn

  • Men's Group - Wed 6:15pm

    Come together with men like you to discover the truths in Paul's letters to the churches in Galatia, Ephesus, Philippi, and Colosse. 

    Facilitated by Hank Dunn.

  • SPCN 101 - Wed 6:15pm

    Wondering what it means to be a "Nazarene?" What makes this church different from all the others? This lecture style small group has the answers. This class is required for membership, but you do not have to be seeking membership to join. Led by Pastor Tim George

  • Women's Group - Wed 6:15pm

    Do you feel invisible? unnoticed? You are not alone. This semester the women's group will be reading and discussing the book, "Anonymous by Alicia Britt Chole." Come and learn to cherish whatever stage of life you are in. Facilitated by Pastor Amanda Lawton

  • Journaling - Wed 6:15pm

    Journaling can be a useful tool to help you along your spiritual journey. This is a perfect group for those who like to process their thoughts on paper. Write, draw, make lists, do all three--it's up to you. Don't know what to write? No problem. Each week we will have a journaling prompt to guide us. Grab a notebook or journal and join us!  Extra materials will be available. Facilitated by Jen George

  • Personality Spirituality - Wed 6:15pm

    We are going to process together how personalities differ, struggle with different sins, come to growth differently, and discipline themselves spiritually in order to grow in holiness. Facilitated by Pastor Timothy Brooks