Small Groups - Connect with others

Life is not meant to be lived alone or lonely. The Christian life, especially, is meant to be lived out in community. As such, one of our core values is that we journey with Christ in fellowship with friends. We have a robust small group ministry that starts with meeting pastors and transitions you slowly into a "Connect Group" that fits your lifestyle, location, schedule, and faith journey. This is meant to help you grow nearer to Christ as well as other people who attend our church.

  • Bible Study on Daniel - Sun 8:30am

    Led by Ruth Ann Smith and open to all. Located in the North wing conference room.

  • Prayer - Mon 6:30pm

    An open time of prayer for our friends, country, and world. Led by Juanita Briggs in the Parlor.

  • Grace - Tues 10:30am

    Sr. adult ladies come together and are studying the book, "Grace" by Max Lucado. Led by Pastor Cheryl in the student center.

  • James: Growing in Wisdom & Faith - Tues 10:30am

    Sr. adult ladies are invited to come each Tuesday morning to study the book "Growing in Wisdom and Faith" by Elilzabeth George, a study on the book of James. Led by Midge Shaw and meeting in the Parlor.

  • Contemporary Issues - Wed 6:15pm

    With an attitude of humility and grace, we will discuss the current issues facing our world in light of the Bible. Led by Tim George - meeting in the North wing.

  • Men's Group - Wed 6:15pm

    C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity is a classic book that explores the common ground on which those in the Christian faith can stand together. Whether you are new to faith or a seasoned Christian, you are bound to gain insight from the study of this book.

    The group will meet Wednesday nights starting this week and continue through the Summer.

  • Mom's Group - Wed 6:15pm

    Being a mom is hectic, sometimes just the thought of spending time doing devotions is overwhelming. This small groups is designed to help us all take the time we need to sit down and read the Bible, make our own observations and applications, share as we desire, and pray for each other. It's a low-key, come when you can group designed specifically for the busy mom, but open to all women. We will be reading the book of Acts. Led by Kelly Miner and Ellen Dunn. Meeting in Pastor Amanda's office.

  • Couple's Group - wed 6:15pm

    Would you like to study the Bible with your significant other? If yes, then this may be the group for you! The group is currently studying the exile stories of the Old Testament. Led by Pastor Timothy Brooks and meeting in his office.

  • Fearless - Wed 6:15pm

    Live a life free from fear! Led by Pastor Cheryl. Open to both men and women. Meeting in the children's pastor's office.

  • Life's healing choices - Wed 6:15pm

    Is there pain in your past that you still need healing from? Are you struggling to know where God was/is in the midst of your pain? Come together to ask the tough questions and to start the road towards healing. For women only. Led by Mary Brooks in the Parlor.

  • treasuring God's Word - Wed 6:00pm

    Specifically for teens! Come and grow closer to God through this incredible study. 

    Led by Rebecca & Jason Darling and Sue Sass. Meeting in the nursery.

  • Experiencing God - THURS 2:00pm

    Jeanne Gaboriault is leading this study. It's open to all! Come and build your relationship with God. The group meets at 109 Ridgeland Ave, South Portland.

  • Young Adults - THURS 6:00PM

    Join with other Christians your age to discuss the Bible, life, and so much more. Led by Pastor Amanda @ her home.