Small Groups - Connect with others

Life is not meant to be lived alone or lonely. The Christian life, especially, is meant to be lived out in community. As such, one of our core values is that we journey with Christ in fellowship with friends. We have a robust small group ministry that starts with meeting pastors and transitions you slowly into a "Connect Group" that fits your lifestyle, location, schedule, and faith journey. This is meant to help you grow nearer to Christ as well as other people who attend our church.

  • winter break

    The second semester of small groups will begin in early January. Contact us for more information.

  • Bible Study - Sun 8:30am

    Led by Ruth Ann Smith and open to all. Located in the parlor.

  • Young Adults - MON 5:30PM

    Join with other Christians your age to discuss the Bible, life, and so much more. Led by Pastor Amanda @ her home.

  • Prayer - Mon 6:30pm

    An open time of prayer for our friends, country, and world. Led by Juanita Briggs in the Parlor.

  • Judges/Ruth - Tues 10:30am

    Senior ladies are invited to come read and discuss "Cultivating a Life of Character" by Elizabeth George, based on the books of Judges & Ruth. Led by Midge Shaw.

    "In the dark days of the Judges, God raised up men and women of character to help lead His people through trying circumstances. Through Ruth, God brought new hope and a reminder that He would care for His people. You too can be a valuable instrument of God's work."

  • NEW! Journey Through the Middle - Wed 6:15pm

    “There are many people who possess a vision of personal evolution yet seem to lack the will for it. They want, and believe it is possible, to skip over the discipline, to find an easy shortcut to sainthood. Often they attempt to attain it by simply imitating the superficialities of saints…some even believe that by such imitation they have really become saints and prophets, and are unable to acknowledge that they are still children and face the painful fact that they must start at the beginning and go through the middle.” (Scott Peck: The Road Less Traveled)

    Pastor Art Magnuson will be facilitating a discussion on Spiritual Practices. The hope is that you will be able to attend weekly, but it is structured so that you can come as you are able and still benefit.

  • new! S.o.a.p. - Wed 6:15pm

    The pastor says, “Being in The Word and prayer daily is vital to your spiritual growth.” As a longer-term follower of Jesus you say, “I sure hope nobody asks me how they should do that!” Or, as a newer follower of Jesus you say, “How do I do that?”

    SOAP is a simple (simply profound) way to be “in The Word and prayer” which we will experience together. SOAP will help you in your personal time with God and prepare you to help others. There is no book to read and our times together are interactive (not lecture). All you need is a Bible, a notebook/paper, and a pen or pencil. Facilitated by Pastor Kim Richardson.

    Scripture - Observation - Application - Prayer

  • Men's Group - Wed 6:15pm

    C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity is a classic book that explores the common ground on which those in the Christian faith can stand together. Whether you are new to faith or a seasoned Christian, you are bound to gain insight from the study of this book.

    Facilitated by Hank Dunn.

  • new! Listen & Create - Wed 6:15pm

    Do you listen better with work in your hands? Do you prefer not to speak up in a group setting? Do you want to hear about deeper perspectives of theology? If any of this sounds like you, it may be that you would enjoy participating in "Listen & Create." Bring along your craft, unfinished project, or silent phone game and listen to podcasts as a group. Those that wish to stay after to discuss can, and those that don't may take their thoughts home. Facilitated by Briana Wyzinski @ her hom

  • New! Prayer - Wed 6:15pm

    Prayer, does it make any difference? Author Phillip Yancey's book delves deep into that question and helps us gain a fresh new perspective on prayer. Facilitated by Pastor Cheryl.