Pastoral Transition

It has been a great pleasure to have the Brooks family with us for the last 5 years. We trust and pray that God will use them mightily as they serve the Baltimore, MD area. Our future here at SPCN is in God's hands. We are seeking his will and hope that everyone will be in prayer during the transition. Please see below for the latest info.

Where are we now?


    The manual of the Church of the Nazarene states that all associates must resign when the Senior Pastor resigns; this is because all staff serves at the pleasure of the senior pastor. The church board decides whether or not to accept the resignations. Our church board has decided not to accept the associate's resignations, thus, all associates will continue to serve until at least 30 days after a new senior pastor begins. After that point, it is up to the senior pastor whether or not they will serve in this local congregation.

  • The interim

    Several options are available to the local church when between pastors. Our board has named Pastor Art Magnuson as the interim pastor and Pastor Kim Richardson to help update our church health profile. Pastor Art will take on the majority of the preaching and will serve as point person for the staff. Pastor Kim will working with the board and congregation to create a pastoral profile that will be used in our search.

  • New candidates

    Pastors who wish to apply to SPCN will send their resumes to the District Superintendent, Steve Dillman. Dr. Dillman will bring resumes to the church board, who will then decide who to interview. The next step for the candidate would be a visit, including preaching to the congregation, and then a congregational vote (members only.) 

  • how you can take part

    1. Prayer. A change in leadership is a big deal and we should treat it as such! Please be praying that we will hear God's voice and direction during this time. It is also a great time to pray for the rest of the church staff, as there is added stress during this time of uncertainty.

    2. Take part in any and all surveys and questionnaires. You have a voice and this will be an effective and efficient way to share it. All church survey THIS Sun. June 3rd.

    3. Be an active listener - look for information here on the website, on Facebook, in the bulletin, and in church. Attend church weekly to hear information first hand. Don't rely on hearsay or second hand info.

    4. Pray, pray, and pray some more!