Weekly Schedule

Our regular Sunday schedule: (Closed through March 30th)

Worship Service: 10am (until about 11:15am)

Lighthouse Kids: 10am (birth - grade 5)

Fuse: 4:00pm - 5:30pm (grades 6-12)

Coming Events:

Easter worship services: scroll down

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Spiritual Growth Opportunities through Lent

What is lent? It is a period of 40 days leading up to Easter for the Christian to reflect on their own lives as well as the sacrifice that Jesus made by dying on the cross. It is generally a more somber time, the antithesis to the celebration of Jesus' resurrection on Easter.

  • 40 Day devotional challenge

    Life sometimes gets in the way of renewing our hearts with meaningful daily devotions.  We sometimes let things slide spiritually.  That’s why there’s no better time than the season of Lent to begin the 40 day devotional challenge.  

    Let Pastor Nancy know that you’d like to receive the “Journey through Lent” daily devotional and prepare your heart to experience the joy of Easter like never before.

  • Maundy Thursday service

    The last supper is an iconic image in Christian art. The thought of Jesus' last meal, breaking bread with his betrayer, is a sobering one. On Maundy Thursday we remember how Jesus served and how he gave us a sacred ritual to remember his life and death by. Come and worship at 6:00pm. A separate, age-appropriate worship service will be held for children pre-k through 5th grade and child care is available for the little ones.

  • Good Friday stations

    Follow Jesus' journey to the cross. This self-guided experience is sure to stir your heart. It will be available from 7:00am until 1:00pm. You do not need to be a part of the SPCN community to attend. As with all worship services, all are welcome.

  • Easter Sunday

    Come and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus! Whether you are new to faith or a long-time Christian, you are welcome to visit and worship at your own level of comfort. Enter through the glass doors under the carport (we'll even valet your car if you'd like) and come straight into the sanctuary. Bathrooms are located down the hallway on the left of the sanctuary as you are looking in. If there is anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable, please email us. We are happy to oblige!