Serve the Community

See photos from the SOPO Pine Car Derby on our Facebook page!

Serving the community is one of our 3 core objectives here at South Portland Church of the Nazarene. We do this through the monthly opening of a free clothing closet and regular involvement at Portland's Root Cellar and Preble Street Soup Kitchen. We've started a 501(c)3, which you can read about under the "Life Essentials" tab. In addition, we host many events of our own. Next up is Kite Night! 

Last school year we adopted a local Elementary School and provided them with new playground equipment. This school year we supplied some much needed special education items. We hope to continue this partnership well into the future!

We also do one-time service projects, host the non-denominational "Bible Study Fellowship," and supply space for AA, South Portland Youth Cheer, and occasional events for South Portland High School.

Want to get involved? Email us.

Know someone that could use help? Let us know that too.

We are for SOPO!